Triple Forward Helix Piercing: What You Should Know

Triple Forward Helix Piercing: What You Should Know

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Edgy. Trendy. Exclusive. These are just a few words that come to mind when we think of the triple forward helix piercing.

In this guide, you'll learn why triple forward helix piercings are the latest craze, the price of this piercing, what pain level you should expect, when you can change to new jewelry, and where to find the trendiest studs for your triple forward helix.

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What is a triple forward helix?

This piercing consists of not one, not two, but (you guessed it!) three piercings on the upper cartilage of your ear, just above the tragus. The location of these piercings, right next to your face, adds a little sparkle to your look and always makes a statement.

Part of the intrigue of this particular piercing is that not everyone can get it. Celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thompson told Teen Vogue , "Every other day there are five girls that come in that want this, and 1% of them can get it because their fore helix is shaped the right way."

Depending on the shape of your ear, you may not be able to get three piercings in this spot, but single or double forward helix piercings are great alternatives! Contact your favorite piercer to discover whether your forward helix can handle three piercings.

How much does it cost to get a triple forward helix piercing?

Piercing costs vary based on the studio reputation, location, and your piercing professional's experience level. For example, a basic session with Brian Keith Thompson starts at $200. In most cases, you'll spend $90 - 180, since individual forward helix piercings cost between $30 - $60, with jewelry usually costing extra.

Pain and healing time

Real talk. Here's what you can expect during and after getting pierced.

How painful is a triple forward helix piercing?

Each helix piercing on its own isn't too painful because the cartilage here is thinner than in other areas of your ear. Because you're getting multiple piercings, these helix piercings rank a 6-7/10 on the pain scale.

How long does a triple forward helix piercing take to heal?

Just like pain varies from person to person, so does healing time. Most people will experience fully healed piercings within three to nine months with proper aftercare.

When can I change my triple forward helix piercing jewelry?

We know this is the most exciting part about getting a piercing, but trust us when we say this— wait until your piercing is fully healed before changing the jewelry. A few months in piercing jewelry is well-worth a lifetime of gorgeous earrings.


Post-piercing care is the number one predictor of healing. Here's how to make sure your piercing is a success story.

What's the best way to clean your new piercing?

Clean your new piercings twice daily with saline solution on a cotton pad. Never twist or remove the earrings, and never ever touch your earrings without washing your hands first.

What should I do if my triple forward helix piercing gets infected?

You should expect some swelling, redness, and tenderness in the first few days post-piercing. However, if you experience a fever, green or yellow pus, or the piercing site is hot to the touch, get medical help ASAP. Your health is nothing to mess around with, and a doctor can help you heal the infection.

What if my triple forward helix doesn't heal?

If your earrings aren't healing as expected, don't panic. Check with your piercer for advice— they may help you choose new earrings or offer an alternative cleaning method.

Styling your triple forward helix

Here comes the best part! Let's style your piercing.

Where can I find jewelry for my triple forward helix piercing?

Shopping for jewelry should be fun and should never end with green or swollen ears. We founded Assolari after discovering that it was nearly impossible to find delicate, dainty earrings made with high-quality materials at a reasonable price. We cut out the middleman and worked directly with artisans and manufacturers worldwide to create trendy jewelry we love and wear ourselves at a price young professionals can afford.

What kind of earring looks best in triple forward helix piercings?

The sky's the limit with this type of piercing. Some choose delicate hoops but most opt for sparkly studs.

What material should I choose for my cartilage jewelry?

Material matters when you're selecting jewelry for multiple piercings. When you pick high-quality, hypoallergenic materials like 14k or 18k gold, surgical stainless steel, or titanium, your ears will be happy— and you will, too, since your earrings will last a lifetime!

Ear piercing ideas with triple forward helix

What's next? Discover other piercings to add to your ear stack.

What ear piercing should I get after a triple forward helix?

Now that you've gotten your triple forward helix, you're probably already wondering what you should pierce next. Lucky for you, our "What piercing should I get next?" quiz will offer suggestions for your next lobe or cartilage piercing.

Let us style your ear!

Are you still trying to decide which piercings will look best on you— even after taking the quiz and reading all the inspo pieces? That's why we created our Ear Styling Service . You'll get a personalized ear project from an Assolari founder, who will consider your ear anatomy and style preferences to design your dream stack. We'll even give you a $60 voucher to start shopping.

Ear Styling Service

Ear Styling Service


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