we're assolari

Assolari is more than a fine jewelry brand – it’s a re-thinking of style.

It's exclusive cartilage jewelry, for those that want to make a statement about who they are through their style and cartilage piercing.

get your
ear piercings styled

Art meets science with Assolari's approach to ear-piercing styling.

Assolari's exclusive ear styling service gives the chance to customers to get their ears uniquely curated based on their personal style and ear anatomy.

The service provides a full ear styling project, with the best piercing placements and cartilage jewelry combination for the customer’s ear stack plus a $60 voucher to be spent on jewelry.

note from our founder

"When I got my first ear piercing, a helix piercing, I struggled a lot to find cartilage jewelry that resonated with my style. Most body jewelry I found was too simple, tasteless, or just low quality.

I founded Assolari because I wanted to start a cartilage jewelry brand that resonated with people like me – loves ear piercing, fashion, and wants to invest in high-end jewelry that makes any new piercing happy and healthy.

My goal is to help people express their style by offering them exclusive, beautiful, and dainty gold cartilage earrings to revamp their ear cartilage piercings".

- Brunna, Founder


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