Septum Piercing: Here's Everything You NEED to Know

Septum Piercing: Here's Everything You NEED to Know

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Perfecting your ear stack takes time and a creative flair. Choosing the right piercings, balancing your jewelry, and waiting on the different healing times of each piercing can feel like curating your ear party is a never-ending adventure. But eventually, you do it. You get all the compliments from friends and strangers— which satisfies you for a while. Then, you start getting the "what's next?" itch. Scratch it with a septum piercing.

Not too long ago, this type of nose piercing was reserved for rocker babes and goth girls. Now, septum piercings are nosing their way into the mainstream. Don't take our word for it. Style queen Zendaya rocks one, and we stan everything she does. As more stars opt for this edgy piercing, we guarantee you will see these nose rings popping up everywhere. Get your septum pierced now and join the ranks of celebrity trendsetters.

When planning your septum piercing, you're sure to have lots of questions. Are there any dangers when getting your septum pierced? How bad does it hurt? What do I need to know about aftercare? Should I opt for gold or implant grade titanium earrings when it's healed? We will answer all these questions and more in this septum piercing guide. Don't wait until septum piercings are a dime a dozen. Get one now, and you'll set the trend instead of following it.

septum piercing

What is a septum piercing?

First things first, what IS a septum piercing? This nose piercing goes through the nasal septum, between your nostrils. It's occasionally called the bull ring piercing, but we vote to retire that phrase. Being compared to a bull isn't exactly a compliment.

How much does it cost to get a septum piercing?

The cost of this piercing ranges from $40 to $100, depending on where you choose to get pierced. Big cities like Los Angeles and New York will always be pricier than tiny towns. We all love saving a little dough but never skimp on your piercing. You're putting a permanent hole in your body, so save up to go to an experienced piercer.

Can septum piercings affect my sense of smell?

If you have pierced other body parts, you know piercings can get a funky smell. If that's in your ear, you may not notice until you remove your earrings. If the smell is in your nose piercing— yikes. You'll smell the funk every time you breathe. Thankfully, regular cleanings with saline solution can irradicate the weird odor.

You may need to visit a doctor if you experience swelling, severe pain, or other symptoms of infection.

What is the difference between a septum and nostril piercing?

The location is the biggest difference between these two piercings. They're both on the nose, but the nostril piercing goes through (you guessed it!) the nostrils, while the septum piercing goes through the skin just below the cartilage between your nostrils.

A non-location-specific difference? Septum rings are all kinds of bold— only the trendiest queens can pull this off.

Pain and Healing time

How painful is a septum piercing?

While every person experiences pain differently, most agree that this piercing is low on the pain scale. It passes through the skin below the cartilage in your nose, so it should feel similar to getting your lobes pierced. You may experience an uncomfortable sensation that makes your eyes water, but opt for waterproof mascara, and you'll forget the pain soon after the needle passes through.

How long does a septum piercing take to fully heal?

Every body is different, and so is the healing process. For most, the healing time for septum piercings is two to three months, but it's essential to keep up with aftercare procedures and refrain from changing your jewelry before it heals.

When can I change my septum piercing jewelry?

It's tempting to switch to cool jewelry ASAP. We know you've got style running through your veins, and generic piercing jewelry isn't exactly known for being fashionable. Don't change your jewelry until your nose is fully healed, though. When your piercing is no longer ( warning: ick factor) swollen, oozing, or crusty, you're ready to remove the piercing jewelry and select a hoop you love.

Can getting a septum piercing interfere with my sinuses?

Don't let this scare you away from one of the coolest piercings, but the septum is located in what doctors call the "danger triangle." The area spans from your eyebrows down to the upper lip of your mouth. In this area, veins are connected to your sinus cavity.

Very rarely, a septal hematoma can occur if the needle damages the tissue and blood vessels near the cartilage in your nose. Seek medical attention if you experience congestion, pain, pressure, and swelling (and you don't have a cold). Professional piercers are good at what they do and can find the sweet spot for your piercing.


What's the best way to clean my septum piercing?

After getting a septum piercing, you'll need to establish an aftercare routine to avoid infection. Here are a few DOs and DON'Ts for keeping it clean and speeding up the healing process:

  • Always wash your hands before touching your nose

  • Don't twist or flip the jewelry

  • If you must flip it, use warm water to loosen any crust first

  • Don't use harsh soaps, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or iodine on the septum

  • Use a saline solution for cleaning

  • Clean 2 - 3 times per day

Keep up this aftercare routine, and your nose will be fully healed in no time!

What should I do if my piercing gets infected?

If you've been cleaning the piercing site as per aftercare recommendations, but you're experiencing pain, redness, itching, swelling, and it's hot to the touch— you likely have an infection. You don't need to rush to the doctor immediately, but you'll need to upgrade from simple saline.

To cure the infection at home, continue rinsing 2 - 3 times per day and add a topical antibiotic cream like bacitracin or mupirocin. You can also apply a warm compress to your nose to ease the pain. Infections can cause scarring, keloids, and bumps, so don't wait around before starting treatment on an infected piercing.

If you experience chills or a fever, the DIY healing process has come to an end. Get yourself to the doctor for medical attention— STAT.

Help! I got my septum pierced and it's not healing!

It can be discouraging if you've been following proper aftercare techniques and there's no sign of healing in sight. Here are a few things that can increase healing time:

  • Not cleaning the piercing regularly

  • Touching the piercing (except when you clean it)

  • Your overall health

  • Infection

  • Allergy to the type of jewelry

Don't give up! Check with your piercer for individualized tips to decrease healing time. They may recommend new jewelry (gold is always a good option!), a different cleaning routine, or topical antibiotics.

Septum Jewelry

Where can I find jewelry for my septum piercing?

Your septum is healed, and you're ready to trade the silver ring for something a little more bling. A quick Google search yields millions of results for septum piercing jewelry, but we've all been burned by "authentic" and "high-quality" gold earrings that turn green after one or two wears.

Don't gamble with your health. Assolari guarantees high-quality, authentic gold jewelry at prices young professionals can afford. How? We've cut out the middleman, sourcing our products directly from the suppliers, and we pass those discounts on to you. Search through our selection of septum jewelry and discover a style that looks great and will never turn green.

septum piercing jewelry

What is a fake septum piercing?

If needles freak you out, we love the fake septum piercing journey for you! You can fake it 'til you work up the courage to get a real septum ring or use a fake one forever— no one will even know the difference!

What kind of earrings are used for septum piercings?

Septum piercings are a whole lot of fun to style. There are two typical styles of earrings worn in a septum— but the style choices are endless!

Circular Barbell or Horseshoe hoop

Also known as a horseshoe hoop, the circular barbell is a curved piece of metal with a fixed ball on one side and an adjustable ball on the other. Hold the stationary ball as you slide the metal through the hole and attach the second ball to secure the barbell. If you ever want to flip the jewelry upwards into your nose to hide it from your parents or boss, this type of earring is a great choice.


Our favorite way to style a septum is with a ring. Whether you choose a dainty gold hoop or a ring studded with crystals in baguette or marquise settings , you're sure to make a splash! With a hinged closure, it's easy to click the ring into place or unclick it when you're ready to change into a new style.

How can I change my new piercing jewelry?

While most piercers are happy to help you change your hoops and barbells, you are strong and independent and don't need help, right?! Here's how you can change your own fully healed piercing like a pro:

  • Wash your hands and disinfect your new jewelry

  • Remove the ball on your barbell (remember: righty, tighty; lefty, loosey) and gently pull the post out of your septum

  • Thread the new jewelry into the hole and secure the ball or click it into place

  • Clean with saline solution

  • Enjoy the compliments on your fabulous new look

When in doubt, go to a reputable piercer and ask for help!

What size should I choose for my septum piercing earring?

While you can find septum jewelry in many different sizes, most piercings start out as a 16 gauge (approximately 1.2mm thick). Of course, you can size down to an 18 gauge for a small septum piercing or stretch the piercing to a 14 gauge for a larger one.

How to measure septum piercings

When septum piercings heal, it's time for the fun part— shopping for jewelry. There's nothing worse than ordering a new nose ring from an online shop, only to find that you've chosen the wrong size.

Asking your professional piercer to tell you the size at the time of piercing is best— but sometimes nerves get in the way of asking the crucial questions. Instead, you can measure your septum piercing with paper and a ruler.

Cut a piece of paper into a thin strip and line it up with your piercing hole. Let the paper dangle out of your nose and draw a line on the paper at the edge of your nose. Then, measure the distance in millimeters and place your order based on that number. If the distance from the piercing hole to the edge of your nose is 6mm, that size of septum ring will fit perfectly.

A caliper or micrometer can take gauge measurements, but since most people don't have these tools lying around, it's best to ask your piercer.

Gold: is it the best material for septum jewelry?

When something is a "gold standard," it's set the bar for all other people or products trying to compete. There's a reason we say gold standard— not silver, nickel, or titanium standard.

Its pure, hypoallergenic nature makes gold the best choice for nose piercings. Your face is beautiful just as it is— don't risk a rash due to sub-par materials.

You don't need jewelry to live your best life, but getting a septum piercing can't hurt. Join Kylie Jenner, Bella Thorne, Chloë Graze Moretz, and the trendsetters of TikTok and Fashion Week with this up-and-coming piercing. No longer considered a punk piercing, the septum is poised to be the next It Girl accessory. We know you're not one to follow the crowd. Take the plunge and blaze the trail with your edgy, stylish look!

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