Daith Piercing: The Complete Guide

Daith Piercing: The Complete Guide

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Of all the cartilage piercings we've come across, the daith piercing stands out among the rest. Loved by Kylie Jenner, and many other it girls, this ear cartilage piercing is one of the most popular ones out there.

This unique cartilage piercing is popular for its edgy style and possible ability to help those with anxiety symptoms and migraine symptoms (more on this later).

We put together this ultimate guide to answer all of your questions about the daith. We're bringing you the need-to-know on everything from placement to healing time and cost. Discover whether this cool-girl ear piercing will suit your ear shape and find out if getting your ear pierced will help your migraine attacks and treat anxiety.

In this guide:

  1. What is a daith piercing?
  2. Is a daith the cure for migraine?
  3. Cost
  4. Pain and healing time
  5. Aftercare
  6. Styling daith piercings

Daith piercing

What is a daith piercing?

First things first. Let’s talk about the exact location of a daith piercing. 

Daith Piercing

If you place your finger in your ear canal, you'll feel a fold of cartilage sticking out above the passageway. Move your finger upward. That flap of little cartilage above the entrance of the ear canal is your daith.

Daith piercing

Should I get a daith piercing to cure chronic migraine pain?

This piercing looks awesome– no one can argue with that! But can it relieve or treat migraine pain? No one knows! It is thought to relieve migraines and treat anxiety by activating a soothing auricular acupuncture pressure point on the ear, however, some say that this is just a placebo effect.

Many people believe daith piercings can help with pain relief since acupressure/acupuncture practitioners often pinpoint the daith area as the pressure point to treat ailments like chronic migraines, tension, and cluster headaches. Some migraine patients say they do have positive results from their migraine pain after getting a daith.

However, it's important to know that there is no scientific or medical evidence to support getting a piercing for migraine relief.  A daith may help reduce chronic migraine headaches, but it's not a guarantee.

Daith piercing

How much is a daith?

The price of a daith is usually higher than other piercings. Price varies depending on the piercing studio location, the experience level of the professional piercer, and the type of jewelry you select. Most piercers usually charge between $30 and $80, not including the price of the earring.

Because of the skill required to do this cartilage piercing, it's very important to search for a piercing professional with lots of piercing experience– especially experience with daiths.

WARNING! Never pierce your daith at home or with a piercing gun.

Daith piercing

Pain and healing time

How much does a daith piercing hurt?

While it's not the most painful piercing you can get, daith piercing pain is a common worry.

Because of the awkward position in the ear, the daith must be pierced with a special curved needle, very delicately and slowly. Just keep breathing– this piercing can take up to 10 seconds to complete.

Most people state that daith piercing pain can be described as dull pressure in the pierced area. If you have other popular piercings, such as a helix piercing, you’ll notice a different sensation. 

Of course, everyone has a different pain tolerance, and what's painful for some may not be for others. Still, it's widely agreed upon that daith piercings hurt more than your ear lobes.

How long does a daith take to heal?

Every ear is different, but daith piercings are usually fully healed within 6 to 12 months. However, this doesn't mean your ear will be ultra-sensitive throughout the entirety of the healing process.

It does mean that you will need to consistently clean it and avoid touching, twisting, or changing the jewelry until it's fully healed. Your dirty hands may encourage the growth of keloids and scar tissue on your piercing. Keeping your hands off now means you’ll have many years of pain-free styling ahead! 

Why shouldn't you get a daith?

Everyone’s ears are different. As with any other cartilage piercing, you need to have enough real estate on your ear to get it pierced.

Before you get your daith pierced, make sure your daith is big enough to provide the surface area needed for the piercing and that there’s enough space in your inner ear to accommodate the jewelry. If it is too small, you may need to consider piercing a different location. 

Visit a professional piercer who can assess your ear anatomy and look at the size of your daith site.

Some daiths won’t allow for hoops, and you’ll have to opt for the curved barbell option instead. If you’re looking forward to wearing hoops in your daith, make sure that there’s the space to do so. Talk to your professional piercer for their advice– they’ve seen thousands of ears and will be able to make a great recommendation for you. 

Daith piercing


What is the best way to clean your daith?

A clean piercing is the best way to ensure a pain-free healing process. Gently clean your daith twice daily with a sterile saline solution, sea salt compress, or unscented soap. Be sure to stay away from rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and other harsh chemicals that could cause irritation.

When can I change my daith piercing jewelry?

We get it! You’re eager to upgrade your piercing jewelry for a statement piece that sparkles.

Don’t get ahead of yourself, though! Wait until your daith is completely healed first.  If you follow your piercer’s recommendation for aftercare, your daith should heal in six to 12 months.

When it comes to jewelry, the options are endless. Hoops are a popular choice for a daith since styles range from delicate minimalism to awe-inspiring statement pieces.

daith piercing daith piercing

Daith piercing

Styling daith piercings

Where can I find daith earrings?

I'm glad you asked!

Assolari.co was founded by a piercing-lover to piercing-lovers. We’ve created a beautiful collection of daith piercing jewelry for those that want to express their unique style through their ear piercings.

Check out our full selection of daith jewelry to get inspired!

Daith Jewelry Daith Jewelry

What type of jewelry is used for daith piercings?

Most professional piercers use a 16 gauge curved barbell in this piercing. This style is easily inserted into the piercing immediately post-puncture, and the length of the earring allows for plenty of swelling during the time it takes for your daith to heal.

Daith Piercing Daith Piercing Daith Piercing

How to change daith piercing jewelry?

Before changing your earring, make sure your piercing is totally healed.

If you have a ring or hoop, open the loop by gently pulling the smaller segment away from the larger segment.

If you are using a curved barbell, start by gripping it with your thumb and index finger, twist one of the balls to the left (counter-clockwise), and remove the earring.

What gauge is daith piercing jewelry?

Like most cartilage piercings, the daith is usually pierced with a 16 gauge needle, which is 1.2 mm thick. 

Daith piercings are a great spot for a statement piece, and we often recommend starting there when building your ear stack. For a wow-worthy piece, 9mm to 10mm diameter hoops are a great place to start. If you prefer a dainty and delicate look, 7mm to 8mm diameter hoops are a perfect option.

Remember– what works for one person won’t work for everyone. You’re unique, and that’s wonderful! When choosing body jewelry, the perfect size will depend on your ear shape and where the piercing was placed.

How to measure your daith:

To discover your daith piercing earring size, gather these three things:

  • a piece of paper

  • a ruler

  • a marker

A ruler won’t fit inside your ear, so we’re making a paper one instead! First, cut the paper into a small strip that will fit inside your ear. Start from your piercing and extend the piece of paper straight out to create your ideal hoop size. Mark this spot on the paper.

Use your ruler to find the number of millimeters between the edge of the paper (the part you held up to your daith piercing site) and where the line is marked (how far out you want the hoop to extend). Round up to the next whole millimeter if you’re slightly over one of the marks on the ruler.

This measurement is the smallest inner diameter that will fit when you choose a plain hoop, but not necessarily the inner diameter that will feel the most comfortable. If the jewelry you’re purchasing has a design attached to it, add 3-4mm to your measurement.

What jewelry material is used for a daith?

Not all jewelry is created equal. We recommend wearing an earring made of high karat gold or titanium in your piercings. Both are great for daith piercings due to their hypoallergenic and healing characteristics for a new daith.

Here at Assolari, we only sell the highest quality of solid 14k and 18k gold that is bound to get heads turning! We’ve curated a collection of 14k and 18k solid gold daith piercing jewelry in all of the hottest styles and will also last you years to come.

Daith Piercing

Which side should you choose for your daith?

You do you, boo! Since there is no scientific reason to believe that getting a daith will help migraines, it's best to pierce the side that allows your daith room to shine. To make the healing process less painful, you may want to pierce the side you don’t sleep on. 

Daith piercing

Ear Piercing Ideas with Daith Piercing

Now that you've learned everything there is to know about daith, let's get inspired by these amazing ideas curated by Assolari.

What piercing next after a daith?

Wondering what piercing to get next after your daith? Here are a few ideas

Daith + Helix Combo

This piercing combination adds great beauty and symmetry to your ear, and not to mention, it is quite the attention grabber! The best part? The helix piercing is another excellent option that ranks low on the pain scale and is done using a small needle.

Daith + Rook Combo

For all you high pain tolerance gals and guys, the daith rook combo's for you! While this combo is a little more painful than the others mentioned above, it's probably one of the most fashionable ones out there.

Daith + Tragus Combo

The daith and tragus combo is a classic. The tragus and when matched with a daith, makes the ear look effortlessly chic!

Daith + Industrial Combo

The industrial piercing is an unusual inner ear bound to make heads turn! It penetrates the cartilage of your upper ear twice, making it quite the statement piece. Match it with a daith, and you'll most definitely have a statement ear stack.

Daith piercing


If curating a luxurious ear stack is your goal, Assolari can help!

We’ve designed hundreds of ear stacks for customers, and we look forward to creating your dream stack, too! Just tell us about your piercings, personal style, and preferences, and we’ll put together an ear piercing stack we’re sure you’ll love! This service comes with a $60 voucher toward your next purchase, so don’t hesitate, book your consultation today!

Ear Styling Service

Ear Styling Service


Bring your dream ear stack to life! Ever wondered how to style the perfect ear stack? Or maybe what piercing should you get next? Well, Brunna is not your fairy godmother, but she can definitely help you figure it out!… read more


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