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      more about flat back and barbell earrings

      A flat back earring is defined as a bar/post with a flat back. This type of earring is usually recommended for tragus and forward helix piercings, but they can be used in helix, conch, flat, and lobe piercings. We love this type of earring because you can change the decorative part of the jewelry without removing the post. This simple hack makes the life of a piercing-lover way easier.

      How to remove/insert flat back earrings:

      Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey great way to remember how to insert and remove threaded screw earrings. 

      To remove a threaded screw earring, hold the back piece as you gently twist the front piece to unscrew it. These earrings are quite small, so be careful not to lose the front piece. 

      To insert this type of earring, put the post through the back of your ear and gently twist the front piece to tighten and secure your jewelry.

      PS: remember to only change the earrings of healed piercings.

      These earrings are usually the number one choice for conch and flat piercings. They are easy to change, attractive from the front or back, and carry a lower risk of losing an earring. Even if one of the balls falls off, the post will remain in your ear.

      How to remove/insert barbell earrings

      To remove, hold the forward-facing ball as you unscrew the ball at the back of the piece by gently twisting counter-clockwise. 

      To insert, fit the jewelry post into your piercing from the front. While holding the forward-facing ball, screw the remaining ball onto the end of the post by gently twisting clockwise.

      Insert a standard earring post into your piercing and mark the post with your preferred length. Upon removal, use a ruler to measure the length in millimeters. When in doubt, round up in size to leave room for swelling and ensure a comfortable fit.