Our Story

Founded in 2021, Assolari is the new kid in town in the world of luxury piercing jewelry and ear-piercings styling.

At the age 19, our founder Brunna decided to do her first ear piercing and since then began a relentless search for piercings and earrings that reflected her style after getting frustrated with not being able to find fine piercing jewelry that was unique and stylish.

Brunna decided to take matter into her own hands and started experimenting with mixing dainty and sparkly gold earrings to create more delicate and stylish ear stacks. In 2021, Assolari was born.

When creating Assolari, everything was taken into consideration: fine metals, stones clarity and shine, jewelry sizes and thickness – everything that was important for any piercing-lover when choosing piercing jewelry, plus the care for details in Brunna’s fashionista style.

Even with 18 piercings, Brunna managed to bring her feminine and dainty style to her earrings stack. Brunna's eye for ear styling and the brand's beautiful designs its what makes the Assolari special.

Today Assolari becomes a strong reference in the market of luxury jewelry with unique and exclusive designs that are hypoallergenic and resistant to daily use. It’s no wonder Assolari has gained a global fan base.

Our Story Assolari