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      Before changing your earring, make sure your piercing is totally healed.

      If you have a ring or hoop, open the loop by gently pulling the smaller segment away from the larger segment.

      If you are using a curved barbell, start by gripping it with your thumb and index finger, twist one of the balls to the left (counter-clockwise), and remove the earring.

      To discover your daith earring size, gather these three things: a piece of paper, a ruler, and a marker.

      A ruler won’t fit inside your ear, so we’re making a paper one instead! First, cut the paper into a small strip that will fit inside your ear. Start from your piercing and extend the piece of paper straight out to create your ideal hoop size. Mark this spot on the paper.

      Use your ruler to find the number of millimeters between the edge of the paper (the part you held up to your daith piercing site) and where the line is marked (how far out you want the hoop to extend). Round up to the next whole millimeter if you’re slightly over one of the marks on the ruler.

      This measurement is the smallest inner diameter that will fit when you choose a plain hoop, but not necessarily the inner diameter that will feel the most comfortable. If the jewelry you’re purchasing has a design attached to it, add 3-4mm to your measurement.

      the complete guide
      daith piercing

      If you’re considering a daith piercing, this guide has everything you need to know.