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Assolari gold piercing jewelry is a skin-friendly alternative to 'costume' jewelry – usually made with low-quality metals and known to cause skin irritation.

Our unique designs are made with 14k and 18k solid gold and will keep ear piercings happy and healthy.

Quality is at the forefront of our brand, we understand the importance of creating jewelry that not only is beautiful on the outside but also stands the test of time and it’s safe for ear piercings.

We stand by the forever quality of our pieces, and that's why we only work with 14k and 18k solid gold, which are hypoallergenic and can live up to our “for everyday use” moto.

14k and 18k solid gold have an extremely low quantity of nickel, being considered "nickel free" and safe for sensitive ears.

Our partners

With an understanding that creating pieces for cartilage piercing is not the same as traditional jewelry design, Assolari partnered with skilled solid gold body jewelry artisans to ensure high standards.

Our team and partner goldsmiths collaborate to make sure no detail goes unnoticed in making the perfect piece. Comfort is key when wearing cartilage earrings which is why we have a lengthy process creating each design to seek out the perfect zirconia stone size, setting, color, length, thickness, and curves for optimal comfort.

Each piece undergoes rigorous quality assurance.  Our partners share our passion and high standards and ensure that each stone is perfectly set, the gold smoothly polished, and the fit perfect for ear piercings.

Piercing jewelry quality needs to be much higher than your typical jewelry pieces to ensure the wearer’s piercings don’t have a bad reaction.

your questions answered

We now have white gold earrings available for purchase.

Assolari's flat-back earrings are threadless (Push-Pin)

Yes. A regular earring post will be 20G (0.8mm in thickness), while most cartilage earrings will be 16G and 18G (1.2 and 1.0mm in thickness).

Assolari carries 16G, 18G, and 20G cartilage earrings. You can see how thick each earring is under 'Details' on the product page.

We try our best to restock every month, but with our current demand, sometimes it's hard to have all items in stock.

If you love a piece and want to be the first to know when we restock it, click the 'Notify Me When Available' button on the product page and add your best email to get notified.

Yes! Crafted with high-karat 14k and 18k gold, our jewelry is hypoallergenic, and safe for new or old ear piercings.

14k and 18k solid gold have an extremely low quantity of nickel, being considered "nickel free" and recommended for sensitive ears.

Unlike lower-end gold options, our solid gold jewelry will not tarnish or discolor EVER!

Even in contact with water, it can confidently be worn for daily activities such as showering, swimming, or exercising.

Our pieces are made to be worn every day, everywhere.

Our products are 100% guaranteed for craftsmanship. Learn more about our Warranty Policy here.

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