Rook Piercing Jewelry


      Looking for delicate jewelry for your rook? Discover Assolari's rook piercing jewelry collection exclusive designs made for everyday wear and safe for sensitive skin.

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      18 products

      18 products


      Curved barbell or huggie hoop earrings generally ranges from 5 mm to 8 mm. However, it’s always best to visit your piercer before making any purchases to make sure the jewelry work correctly.

      Here's how you'll measure your piercing:

      Start by measuring the distance between the piercing hole and the edge of your ear cartilage. Make sure to do this at a reasonable angle, as this can affect the fit of your jewelry. This measurement is known as the inner diameter, which is the smallest size you can wear.

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      rook piercing

      A rook piercing is a perfect addition to your ear party if you’re looking to add intrigue to your style. If you’re considering a rook piercing, this guide is for you!