Flat Piercing Jewelry

about the piercing

The ear is your canvas, and flat cartilage piercings allow you to be an artist! The flat area below your ear's upper rim is large enough for two holes or more, and multiple studs look great in these outer ear piercings. Choose understated gold studs or colorful, sparkly earrings to make a bold statement. 

>> Location: The flat area below the ear's upper rim

>> Pain Level: 5/10 

>> Healing Time: 6 months 

To learn more about flat piercings, check out our complete guide to flat piercings. In it, you'll learn all about the aftercare, styling, and complementary piercing types. 


      Looking for delicate jewelry for your flat piercing? Discover Assolari's flat piercing jewelry collection.

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      25 products

      25 products