Flat Piercing: The Complete Guide

Flat Piercing: The Complete Guide

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Cartilage piercings are the must-have accessory to every modern fashion statement. While you have various options to choose from, let us introduce you to the delicate yet eye-catching piercing known as Flat Piercing.

This guide will inform you about the types of flat piercings you can get, how much pain and healing time you should expect, aftercare, and the various ways you can style your new piercing!

In this guide:

  1. What is a flat piercing?
  2. Cost
  3. Pain and healing time
  4. Aftercare
  5. Styling flat piercings

flat piercing

What Is A Flat Piercing?

If you love minimalistic styles of adorning your ears- flat piercings are ideal for you!

The ear-piercing is done in your cartilage's flat area, which gives you a large surface for unique piercing ideas. This cartilage piercing is located on the upper inner side of your ear and next to the helix.

Depending on your ear type, you can choose between getting a single cartilage piercing or a double, even triple piercing done. It truly depends on your personal fashion style and ability to handle pain.

flat piercing

What Are The Types Of Flat Piercings?

If making bold fashion statements is your thing, the triple helix will help you achieve that! Nothing portrays true boldness more than going through the pain of getting multiple cartilage piercings at once.

Getting two holes (double) or three holes (triple) cartilage piercing is a double or triple flat piercing. On the flat surface of your cartilage, the 2-3 punctures are made close to each other. Or they are placed above one another. The placement of the piercings allows the individual to try out unique fashion styles.

Flat piercings tend to be a choice of minimalistic individuals who like to wear gold studs or shiny tiny diamonds in their double/triple piercings. No doubt that stud earrings look gorgeous and classy, but you can also use your piercings to make a loud fashion statement.

The creativity of getting a flat piercing lies in the placement of your jewelry. And double/triple flat piercings give you the chance to try out different styles using unique, colorful jewelry. Many people style their piercings with constellations, zodiac signs, or anything that symbolizes something personal.

flat piercing flat piercing

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Flat Helix Piercing?

Flat piercings are the trickiest of ear piercings. Your cartilage holds your blood flow, and if the needle pricks the wrong way, it can result in more infections, bleeding, and increased pain.

Hence, getting a professional to pierce your ear can cost around $40-$80 without jewelry. Depending on the jewelry you choose, the cost will increase accordingly.

Some tips for getting flat piercings are that you should never let a piercer make a puncture with a gun. The safest way of getting cartilage piercings is through a sanitized needle.

Moreover, when choosing your initial jewelry, look for high-quality ones that won't cause an allergic reaction. Implant grade titanium or 14K gold is an excellent option, to begin with. They come in multiple different styles, so you won't have to resort to studs.

Once your ear piercing is fully healed, you can shift to the jewelry of your choice!

flat piercing

Pain And Healing Time

How Painful Is A Flat Piercing?

Cartilage piercings tend to hurt a lot more than other ear piercings. The pain is due to the thick layer of the cartilage, with the needle having to pierce through the flexible bones and blood vessels.

Cartilage piercing on the thinner area would seem less painful than on thicker sites, but it is quite the opposite. On a pain scale of 1-10, a flat piercing will land near a solid 7.

Hence, if you have a low pain threshold, you might reconsider getting a flat piercing.

How Long Does A Flat Piercing Take To Heal?

The healing time depends on how consistent and careful you are with aftercare. Even though the general timeline is 3-10 months, you can shorten your healing time by taking proper aftercare, preventing infections, and keeping your hands away from touching the flat piercing jewelry.

Your ear piercing might look fully healed sooner than expected, but it is essential to not become careless. Let a professional give you a green signal and then you can change your jewelry or become lazy with the aftercare as much as you like.

Even though we still would recommend proper cleaning of your piercing and cartilage jewelry.

When Can I Change My Flat Piercing Jewelry?

With a change of outfit comes a change of jewelry! Our jewelry complements our outfits, and the desire to change your cartilage jewelry to match yours will be irresistible.

But it is best to wait out the healing time before changing your jewelry. Get your piercing checked with a professional, and if they believe that it is fully healed- it's time to mix and match!

flat piercing


The most crucial part of getting any ear piercing is aftercare. And since the cartilage piercings tend to get more infections, it is integral to make aftercare a part of your daily routine.

Keeping your piercing clean and dry will prevent irritation and speed up the healing process.

What's The Best Way To Clean Your Flat Piercing?

To clean your piercing, you should use a saline solution. Simply put a few drops on a cotton ball and dab it on your piercing or use it to clean any normal bleeding on your cartilage.

You can make your own saline solution at home by mixing sea salt with warm water. For the first few weeks, soak your piercing using a paper towel and try to pin your hair away, so the hair does not get stuck on the stoppers in the back.

You can also soak your ear piercing for a while under warm water when you are in the shower.

Remember to keep any harsh chemicals such as tea tree oil, alcohol, or peroxide away from your new piercing. These chemicals are often found in facial skincare products, keeping them from your ear.

Cleansing your piercing 2-3 times a day will keep all infections, irritation, and complications away!

What Should I Do If My Flat Piercing Gets Infected?

After getting any ear piercing done, some common symptoms that everyone experiences are slight bleeding, swelling, tenderness, itching, irritation, and soreness. However, these symptoms only last a few weeks.

To know if your piercing is infected, keep looking for abnormal bleeding, swelling, puss, unnecessary pressure, or sharp pains in the area. If you experience these symptoms, it might be time to revisit the piercing shop to get help.

If your skin is showing more irritation or the symptoms are pretty severe, it will be better to visit a doctor.

What If My Flat Doesn't Heal?

The healing time for cartilage piercings differs from person to person. However, if it is taking longer than usual or showing abnormal symptoms, visit a professional piercer so they can check it out and guide you accordingly.

flat piercing

Styling Flat Piercings

Where Can I Find Jewelry For My Flat Piercing?

No one provides better jewelry than Assolari ! The company offers high-quality, sterile jewelry. Their collection comes in different styles that look stunning to wear.

The ideal choice of jewelry material for cartilage piercings is gold since it helps prevent infection, unlike metal studs. Assolari has a collection of beautiful gold studs ranging from 14K-18K.

Their range of styles includes double/triple flat piercings, giving you the option to shop according to your piercings and liking. Their exclusive design fits perfectly with your everyday fashion.

Moreover, the studs slide in and pull out of your piercing with ease without causing any tugging or hurt. The earring doesn't cause any dents at the back of your ear while sleeping on your side.

What are you waiting for? Check out their collection now!


What Kind Of Earring Used For Flat Piercings?

There is a slight limitation to the jewelry you can wear in your cartilage piercing since you can only wear cartilage studs with a flat back or a barbell. But don't let that stop your creative expression!

You can use unique charms and gems, get personalized styles, or adorn your ear with dangling jewelry. There is no doubt that a cartilage stud looks adorable, but being a little extra hurt nobody.

When choosing your earring, keep a lookout for the material used. Many artificial pieces of jewelry use metals to construct, but they can damage your ear piercing and cause infections.

The ideal first jewelry to get for your piercing is a gold stud. Once your healing is done, you can go shopping for silver, different styles of gold, or anything that you prefer.

flat piercing flat piercing

How To Change Out A Flat Piercing Jewelry?

Flat piercings earrings are usually studs with a push-pin to hold them in place. To remove your earring or change it, you should ensure that both the earring and push-pin are tightly grasped before you twist and pull out the top of the stud.

Before putting in your new earring, ensure that your ornaments are sterile and you have cleansed your piercing to prevent infection. And then get back to wearing your favorite decorative piece!

What Size Should I Choose For My Flat Piercing Earring?

The size of your stud depends on your ear's flat area. A general size would be 1/4" (6mm stud). You may try a 5/16 (8mm) stud for some extra flair, which you may find too big for your preference.

If that's the case, go with 1/4 "studs, whether flat back or ball back, whichever you prefer. For added elegance, look for earpieces with a gorgeous dangly feature.

Here's How To Measure Your Flat Piercing?

The first points about flat back studs and cartilage hoops are gauge size or your piercing length. The thickness of the earring post that passes through your ear is referred to as your piercing gauge size.

Every ear is unique, and your professional may use various-sized needles based on your ear width and length and your habits.

Here's a general guide;

(I saw many picture tables online; perhaps one image to add here would be a table. If not, you can delete the statement above.)

What Should Be The Material Of My Flat Jewelry?

Nothing says class and bougie like gold! But that's not the only reason you should choose gold as your first choice.

It helps prevent infections, causes minor trauma to your ear, is comfortable to sleep in, has zero 'ouch' factor, and makes it easier for your piercing to heal. It is ideal for sensitive skin since it causes the most minor damage.

Ear Piercings Ideas With Flat

flat piercing flat piercing flat piercing

What Piercing Next After Flat Helix?

I'm ready for another piercing! Which piercings look best with a flat helix?

There are endless choices: lobe piercings, industrial piercing, outer conch, and many other piercings. But our top picks are;

1. Belly Button

Belly button piercings melt the hearts and grab the attention of every watcher. Adorning your body is just as essential as your ears, and this piercing lets you do just that. With different styles and shiny studs, your body looks like a temple of gods.

2. Daith Piercing

Daith piercing has Jewish roots to it, but the piercing is known to help ease migraines and anxiety. Killing two birds with one stone; who knew an earring could solve such a significant issue?

3. Industrial Piercing

An industrial piercing is one of the most popular body modifications of today. The piercing supports a long earring covering half of your lobe to give you an edgy look.

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