Helix Piercing: The Complete Guide

Helix Piercing: The Complete Guide

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If you’re considering a helix piercing, this guide has everything you need to know.

We’ll talk about the different types of piercings, helix piercing cost, and we’ll answer the question, “Does a helix piercing hurt?” So before you visit your favorite piercer, read this guide!

In this article:

      1. What is a helix piercing?
      2. Types of helix piercings
      3. Cost
      4. Pain and healing time
      5. Aftercare
      6. Ear Styling


What is a helix piercing?

If you want a helix piercing, you’re not alone! This trendy piercing, usually found on the upper cartilage of the ear, can be customized with different placements and jewelry styles.

The helix is one of the most popular cartilage piercings. That’s not to say you’ll blend in with the crowd, though! You can get multiple ear piercings in the area and create a completely unique ear stack.

Helix Piercing

What are the types of helix piercings?

Double & Triple Helix Piercing

If one is good, two or three is better! As you can probably guess, a double or triple helix consists of multiple piercings in a row on the upper ear cartilage. The first involves two piercings that sit vertically on the upper ear, and the second involves three piercings on the upper ear.

Mix and match for a one-of-a-kind sense of style! Some people like to combine other piercings, such as the upper lobe and forward helix piercing, to create a long chain of jewelry that spans the length of the ear.

If you choose triple or double helix, make sure there's enough space between the jewelry to safely change your earring and clean your piercings. It's also a good idea to get each ear piercing individually, so you can focus on healing one spot at a time.

Double Helix Piercing Triple Helix Piercing

Forward Helix Piercing

Make a statement with a unique forward helix piercing. If you follow the curve of the top of your ear around until it meets your face, that little nook of your ear is the forward helix piercing.

Don’t stop at just one, you can choose double or triple forward helix piercings. Show your sparkle! The forward helix piercing is usually styled with tiny stones on flat back earrings, but you can also style it with captive bead rings and tiny huggie earrings.

Forward Helix Piercing

Mid-Helix Piercing

There’s nothing average about a mid-helix. Forget the upper cartilage and pierce slightly lower than a standard helix.

Mid Helix Piercing

What are the benefits of getting a helix piercing?

There's no medical reason to get a helix. But Assolari have been known to prescribe fashion advice, and the helix piercing does wonders for aesthetics and style.

Helix Piercing Helix Piercing


Helix Piercing Cost

How much does it cost to get a helix piercing?

You’re ready to pull out your credit card, but don’t swipe until you know you’re paying a fair price.

The price of a helix piercing will vary depending on the piercing studio location, the experience level of the professional piercer, and the type of jewelry you select. Most piercers usually charge between $20 and $75, not including the price of the jewelry.

WARNING! Never go to a piercer who uses a piercing gun for any cartilage piercing. These guns force trauma to the cartilage which can cause bumps and keloids. (No thank you!) Additionally, guns harbor more bacteria than needles, which increases the likelihood of infection and healing time.


Pain and healing time

This is where lobe and cartilage piercings really differ. Pain is a personal thing, and each person’s pain tolerance with a helix piercing is 100% subjective.

In the same way, it's difficult to give an exact healing time for a helix piercing. Crowd-sourcing is a great way to understand all the possibilities, so below you can see a variety of pain and healing time responses.

How painful is it?

This piercing isn't pain-free, but many people say that they hurt less than other cartilage piercings, with some only reporting a slight pinch.

On a pain scale of 1 to 10, people report that the pain level ranges between 4-6. Keep in mind, while the piercing itself doesn't cause much pain, it may become red and itchy after a few days. Don’t worry! This is completely normal. Be sure to follow your piercer’s suggestion on after-piercing care for best results.

How long does a helix piercing take to heal?

If you’re looking for a cartilage piercing with a speedy recovery time, a helix piercing usually heals within 6 months - faster than many other cartilage piercings.

Ensure optimal healing by cleaning it with saline solution and following your piercer’s recommended aftercare routine. If you don't look after your helix healing process, your new piercing may take longer to heal or you might need to have it re-pierced.

When can I change my helix jewelry?

We get it! You’re ready to change your piercing jewelry for something cute (maybe something from our cartilage earrings collection?), but not so fast! You need to wait until the upper ear cartilage is completely healed before changing your helix earring. It's important to wear the same piece of jewelry used to pierce your helix as you heal. Don’t forget to keep up with the piercing aftercare even after your helix is fully healed.



Want to give your new helix piercing the best chance of a speedy recovery? Read on for our best aftercare tips!

What’s the best way to clean your helix piercing?

Like all cartilage piercings, keeping your helix piercing clean is super important to get it healed. Use saline solution and a cotton ball to clean gently around the upper cartilage.

When you wash your hair, allow the warm water to rinse over the piercing for about 15-30 seconds before cleaning your piercing with saline solution.

While you'll be tempted to touch, twist or change the jewelry of your new piercing, hands-off! Abstain from touching your earring until you are certain that the piercing has completely healed, and never touch your earring with dirty hands.

What should I do if my helix piercing gets infected?

Are you irritated? We’re not talking about younger siblings or traffic jams! While some irritation is common in the piercing area, this type of piercing isn’t likely to experience infection if you follow cleaning protocols.

It's normal to experience slight bleeding, swelling, tenderness, itching, bruising, or soreness, but these symptoms usually only last a few weeks. If you experience sharp pain or any other symptoms, we recommend checking in with your doctor to decrease your pain level and get rid of the infection.

What if my helix doesn't heal?

Visit a professional piercer if your piercing is taking too long to heal or is showing signs of infection, like yellow pus. Even if you have a strong pain threshold, they’ll be able to help you figure out the next steps to take in your healing process.


Ear Styling

The great thing about a helix piercing is that it is super easy to style! Choose from hoops to studs and style this piercing the way you want. Get inspiration from some of Assolari's unique helix piercing styling ideas

Helix Piercing

Where can I find jewelry for my helix?

I'm glad you asked!

Assolari.co was founded by two sisters with a passion for piercings. We’ve created a collection of beautiful gold hoops and sparkling studs for your helix. We never compromise on quality, but our prices are designed for young professionals who want to look great without spending an entire paycheck to achieve it.

✨ Check out our helix earrings collection to get inspired!

Helix Earrings Helix Earrings

What kind of earring is used in a helix?

Steer clear of discount sites with sub-par materials. Cartilage piercings aren’t a place for compromise-- always choose high-quality jewelry. Solid gold and titanium are great options since they are both hypoallergenic, which aids in the healing process.

While helix piercings are traditionally decorated with small cartilage hoop earrings, such as huggie earrings, style for your anatomy. Flat back and barbell earrings look really nice if the curve of your outer ear cartilage doesn’t hide the piercing.

How to change out helix earrings?

Change is good (as long as your piercing is healed)! A helix earring is easily changed-- just make sure your piercing is fully healed before trying to switch out the earring.

If you are using a flat back stud, simply twist or pull the top to remove the backing of the earring. If you are using a hoop, open it by pulling apart the two ends. And voilà! A whole new look in less than a minute!

What size should I choose for my helix piercing jewelry?

When it comes to choosing jewelry, size matters!

Like most cartilage piercings, the helix is usually pierced with 16 gauge needles which are 1.2mm thick. Small hoops are a popular choice for this location.

Huggie hoops with 6-9mm diameter hoops and 8mm flat back stud posts usually fit most helix piercings, but the perfect size will always depend on the curvature of your ear and where the piercing was placed.

✨ Here's how to measure your helix piercing:

Choosing the inner diameter for your hoops and studs can be overwhelming, but we’ve made it easy for you to measure your piercing at home. Gather these three things: a small strip of paper, a marker, and a ruler.

Place the edge of the paper at the spot your helix is pierced and extend it to the outside of your ear. Mark the paper at the point where it meets the outside of your ear and measure the distance from the edge to the marked point using your ruler.

Add 1 mm to the measurement if you want a hoop with a snug fit. For a loose fit, add 2mm to your measurement.

What other piercing can I get after a helix?

If you are looking to get more cartilage piercings to complement the same ear that has your helix, you could consider getting a forward helix piercing and another lobe piercing.

These two piercings will ensure you get a balanced look in your ear stack. And the good thing is that the forward helix and the lobe piercing are not too painful to pierce and don't take too long to heal. The healing period vary based on each person, however, most forward helix piercings and lobes heal under 6 months.

Just make sure to take good care of your fresh piercing and you'll have a beautifully curated ear in no time.


Want us to style your ear?

If curating a luxurious ear stack is your goal, Assolari can help!

We’ve designed hundreds of ear stacks for customers, and we look forward to creating your dream stack, too! Just tell us about your piercings, personal style, and preferences, and we’ll put together an ear piercing stack we’re sure you’ll love! This service comes with a $60 voucher toward your next purchase, so don’t hesitate, book your consultation today!

Helix Piercings Helix Piercings


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