Cute Ear Piercings to Try in 2022

Cute Ear Piercings to Try in 2022

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It's Ear Piercing Season!

If your ears have been feeling a little bare lately, Assolari's cute ear piercings will convince you to get your cartilage piercings RN!

If you’ve scrolled through IG or Pinterest in the last year, you’re well aware that ear piercings are very much a thing right now. A carefully and beautifully curated ear is THE way to show your personal style.

Whether you’re into layered piercing studs, stacked huggie hoop earrings, rocking statement jewelry, or edgy ear cartilage piercing earrings, the secret to achieving a modern piercing look is to select the best piercings according to your ear shape and style.

There are multiple ear piercings and we know that creating a uniquely curated ear stack might be a struggle. If you want a step-by-step guide on how to style your ear piercing, check out our Ear Stacking 101 Guide.

Looking for ear piercing ideas?  We've got you covered!

If you want help choosing ear piercings that look great together, we're here to help you make an informed decision by sharing the coolest piercing trends to try in 2022.

First things first, though. Let's check out the most common types of ear piercings.
Ear Piercing Ideas

Meet the different types of cartilage piercings 

Ear Piercings Chart

Helix Piercing

This is the most popular type of cartilage piercing– stylish and classy with a little bit of edge!  A helix piercing is any piercing in the upper cartilage of the ear. Huggie hoops always look great in a helix.

Conch Piercing

Want to make a statement? Start with the conch! There are two main regions of this middle cartilage: the inner conch and the outer conch. Located in the inner part of your ear, a conch piercing is a great place to begin building your ear stack. Get creative with this versatile cartilage piercing– both studs and hoops look great in a conch piercing. 

Tragus piercing

Continuing on the theme of versatility, the tragus is one of the most versatile cartilage piercings. Located on the little flap of cartilage on the side of your face that covers the ear canal, the tragus piercing looks great with teeny tiny cartilage hoops and flat-back earrings. Show your innate sense of style by choosing a look you love. 

Daith piercing

Daith piercings are one of the most fun piercings to style! Located on the smallest fold of the cartilage in your ear, where the outer ridge of your ear meets your inner ear above the ear canal, this is a unique piercing that can handle a wow-worthy statement piece. Let your personality shine through your daith jewelry and build your stack around it. 

Rook Piercing

One rook piercing can give you so many great looks! The rook piercing is located between your outer and inner ear, above your tragus. This versatile piercing looks great with a dainty cartilage hoop or a delicate, curved barbell.

Forward Helix

If one is great, three is better! The forward helix piercing is located at the small outer rim of the cartilage at the top front of your ear. Most people can get up to three forward helix piercings in a row for a fun and customizable look. Studs are the most popular type of jewelry for this piercing location, but a small cartilage hoop also looks great.

Lobe Piercing

This piercing is the OG-- it's probably the first place you got your ears pierced! We love a standard lobe piercing because it's (mostly) pain-free and the healing process is quick and easy, so you can swap out the piercing jewelry for studs, huggie hoops, big hoops, drop earrings, and more! Located in the ear lobe, this common piercing goes well with all types of cartilage piercings. 

Anti-Tragus Piercing

We’ve talked about the tragus, but we can’t forget the anti-tragus! The anti-tragus is the relatively small vertical lip of cartilage above the earlobe and across from the tragus. There’s nothing anti about it! It’s pro hoops and curved barbells, which go through the fold of skin on the small, curved area above your earlobe.

Snug Piercing

Want a piercing that’s as unique as you? A snug piercing is a horizontal piercing through the inner ridge of the ear cartilage that sits right above the anti-tragus. Style this piercing with tiny huggie earrings or dainty curved barbells.

Industrial Piercing

We love a good 2-for-1, and industrial piercings fit the bill! One of the oldest piercings, the industrial piercing is usually styled with a straight barbell.  Often associated with punk styles, industrial is experiencing a glow-up! With the right cartilage earrings, this double piercing can be a delicate addition to your ear party.

Ear Piercing Ideas

16 Cute Ear Piercings 

We're ready to spill the beans! We're sharing our best-kept secrets on how to style your faith, helix, and other cartilage piercings with today's top trends.


Our top secret on how to curate your cartilage piercing is to start with a statement piece and build around this anchor. If you have a daith piercing, start by choosing a stylish piece for it and mix and match sparkly and solid cartilage earrings for your other ear piercings.

Cute Ear Piercings
Cute Ear Piercings


You don't need to have multiple cartilage piercings to make a statement - go for multiple lobe piercings and add the final touch with a dainty flat piercing. Add a charm to your cartilage hoop for an even more unique look.


Are you ready for some inspiration? This look will give you a lot of ideas.

The combination of a double helix piercing, daith piercing, and tragus piercing looks great together with stacked ear lobes. If you've got the space for it, why not add an extra lobe piercing or multiple lobe piercings? Mirroring earring placement balances out your ear piercings.

Cute Ear Piercings
Cute Ear Piercings


Take your ear game to new heights when you select a constellation piercing earring as your statement, then layer crystal piercing studs and huggie hoops on your ear lobes.


Are your lobe piercings too close? Work your way up by interspacing a cartilage hoop with a tiny piercing stud to avoid crowding.

Cute Ear Piercings
Cute Ear Piercings


Make your ear party look extra cool when you add a double conch piercing. Style your lobes with chains and charms. Your cartilage jewelry collection isn’t complete without them!


Want something different? If you've got the space for it, why not upgrade your double helix to a triple helix? Or style your tragus differently than other tragus piercings? We highly recommend pairing these piercings with different hoop earrings because, um, look. 

Cute Ear Piercings
Cute Ear Piercings


This subtle ear piercing idea is perfect for anyone who stays away from statement piercings but still wants to make a statement. Balance out your tragus and forward-helix piercings with double helix piercings.


Love hoops? Mixing different huggie styles on your outer ear piercings reveal this amazing cascading effect.

Cute Ear Piercings
Cute Ear Piercings


This look is proof that there’s no such thing as “too many piercings.” By choosing the right piercing placements, you can layer multiple piercings in your upper ear and inner ear for a stylish ear piercing stack.


There's nothing prettier than a conch piercing paired with a flat piercing. We love this minimalist ear piercing look.

Cute Ear Piercings
Cute Ear Piercings


Not sure how to style your outer piercings? Try adding a chain between your lobe piercing and an upper outer cartilage piercing.


If a conch piercing seems a liiitle too much for your pain threshold, consider trying out the daith piercing. You’ll level up your look, and piercing enthusiasts say it hurts less than the conch piercing.

Cute Ear Piercings
Cute Ear Piercings


We always love a double helix piercing, but style your double helix piercing with a dainty stud and a sparkly statement piece? Is there a word that means “more than love”?!


You do the most— so should your ear stack! This stack is accessorized with the perfect blend of studs, hoops, and bling.

Cute Ear Piercings
Cute Ear Piercings


Will this ear piercing hurt? Probably (we're just being honest)! Conch piercings are known as the most painful ear piercing, but when they look this good, you won’t even remember the temporary discomfort. Keep it simple with a sparkly conch hoop.

If these 16 ideas weren't enough, check out our new blog post with 20 new ear piercing ideas or follow us on instagram.

Ear Piercing Ideas

Looking for cartilage earrings?

Consider us your fairy godmothers! Here at Assolari, we sell beautiful gold cartilage earrings, that will magically transform your look without breaking the bank. Perfect for sensitive skin, the studs, huggies, and statement pieces in our gold cartilage earring collection are everything you need to curate the most amazing ear stack.

Cartilage Earrings Cartilage Earrings

Ear Piercing Ideas

Want us to style your ear piercings?

Cartilage piercings are a great way add personality to your look. With so many different ear piercing styling options, you can really let your creative side shine.

If curating a luxurious ear stack is your goal, Assolari can help!

We’ve designed hundreds of ear stacks for customers, and we look forward to creating your dream stack, too! Just tell us about your piercings, personal style, and preferences, and we’ll put together an ear piercing stack we’re sure you’ll love! This service comes with a $60 voucher toward your next purchase, so don’t hesitate, book your consultation today!

Ear Styling Service

Ear Styling Service


Bring your dream ear stack to life! Ever wondered how to style the perfect ear stack? Or maybe what piercing should you get next? Well, Brunna is not your fairy godmother, but she can definitely help you figure it out!… read more

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