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Gold Cartilage Earrings | AssolariGold Cartilage Earrings | Assolari
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Gold Cartilage Earrings | AssolariGold Cartilage Earrings | Assolari
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Assolari is more than a fine jewelry brand – it’s a re-thinking of style.

It's exclusive piercing jewelry, for those that want to make a statement about who they are through their style and ear piercings.

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ear piercings styled

Art meets science with Assolari's approach to ear-piercing styling.

Assolari's exclusive ear styling service gives the chance to customers to get their ears uniquely curated based on their personal style and ear anatomy.

The service provides a full ear styling project, with the best piercing placements and jewelry combination for the customer’s ear stack plus a $60 voucher to be spent on jewelry.

what people say about us


Great quality and love how they look on me! I found this site via tiktok, the owner does a lot of styling with the jewelry in the videos which helped me pick my favorite styles!

Assolari Reviews
Stacey B.
Dublin, USA

I'm so in love with Assolari! I’ve found them on Insta, and saw that they have 14k and 18k solid gold pieces the same price you see plated gold jewelry. I just purchased 3 pieces and I'm so excited to be building my ear stack!

Julia V.
New York, NY

Loved it! I've got soo many compliments on this earring. Great quality and I think this is the only earring that my piercing likes ;)

Assolari Reviews
Uttara R.
Austin, USA

I have now brought 3 pieces from Assolari and I love every single one, they are just beautiful. They arrived quickly and in prestige condition, I can’t wait to buy more!

Assolari Reviews
Immy H.
York, UK

I would recommend getting a virtual ear styling done with Brunna to anyone! She is the actual best ever. Our chat was so informative and helpful and she was so kind to work with.

It’s worth the price considering you get to use that money to purchase the jewelry you decide on!”

Emma R.
Los Angeles, CA

The earrings are amazing, they are so cute and pretty. I have gotten so many compliments about them, and they are so comfortable. I love themmm

Assolari Reviews
New York, USA

‘Is this vision of mine even possible?!’ Took me a while, but I ran into Assolari. Frivolous as it may be, I am overjoyed to be able to express my personal style with jewellery that’s simple, affordable, and of good quality.

Assolari Reviews
Senia M.
Napoca, Romania

This earring is beautiful. I was a bit apprehensive at first about buying it because it was quite expensive but I can honestly say that I wear it every single day in my conch and it is still as gorgeous as the day I got it!

Assolari Reviews
Hazel R.
Guildford, UK

The earrings are amazing! I love them, and wear them every day. 😍 I am now waiting for the new collection so I can order more

Assolari Reviews
Daniela Hr.
Michelstadt, Germany
note from our founder

"When I started my piercing journey, I struggled a lot to find jewelry that resonated with my style. Most jewelry I found was too simple, tasteless or just low quality.

I founded Assolari because I wanted to start a brand that resonated with people like me – loves piercing, fashion, and wants to invest in high-end jewelry that makes piercings happy and healthy.

My goal is to help people express their style by offering them exclusive, beautiful, and dainty gold cartilage earrings to revamp their ear piercings".

- Brunna, Founder


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